Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh What A Night

We had a nice evening on Friday with Jim's sales team in Dayton for dinner and the theater. We were picked up by this lovely Buckeye bus. I know.

We were on the third load, so there was room to spread out.

We were so excited to see Jersey Boys again. Great music, great energy, and a fun show. Oh, and a few bad words. And gunshots. Just a warning.

The dinner and show took place in the beautiful Schuster Performing Arts Center. The dinner was delicious, and the building is awesome. This is the Wintergarden. I think it would be a perfect place for a wedding reception. The palm trees are real, but petrified.

Dinner was in an upstairs room overlooking the Wintergarden.

We just might need to make a trip back in May to see Wicked. David and Shylah should be all settled by then, and ready to receive guests. :)

Of course, salesmen can't seem to pry themselves away from their phones. Ever.

The inside of the theater is beautiful as well.

The stars in the skylight depict the Dayton night sky on the eve of the Wright Brothers' first flight.

Show time!

Walk.    Like.    A.    Man.

The show was great, and we finished the evening at the rooftop restaurant, enjoying the night lights of downtown Dayton.

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