Friday, January 6, 2012

Phone Photo Friday - Hello 2012!

I am sharing some New Year fun with phone photos.
On New Year's Eve eve, 
we ate at our favorite, El Reparo. 
I took pictures of those who were there with us 
for the delicious chips, salsa, and of course, margaritas!
Adam and Alli. 
Adam is wearing his glasses in preparation for his LASIK surgery.

Shylah and David. 
Back in the 'burg for the weekend to celebrate the new year 
before heading back to NC.

And Big Jon, 
who almost never lets me take his picture without pointing at me, 
striking one of those 'senior picture' type poses. Cute.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve, with burgers on the grill, 
Jon out delivering pizza, and David and Shylah spending the evening 
with the parents watching the ball drop. 
New Year's Day was for football and family, 
as we had one last Christmas celebration.
More on that later.
InstagramCollage21 by StewMama
 Hillbilly Stemware ~ Sing it, Sandi!
New Year's Day spread ~ Two little Who Dats
Granny and Hay ~ Ella and Aunt Fer

On Wednesday, I took some more photos of Haleigh with my phone. 
Actually, Jon took the first two. 
I think she was having a golf club tea party.

She loves the magnets I had made from my Instagram photos. 
 I ordered them from StickyGram, and they are awesome. 
So much fun to have and to share. 
I mailed some shots I had taken of friends in their Christmas cards as a little treat.

 Haleigh takes them down, lines them up, and names each one.

And then she gives kisses. Mmmwah!

And don't forget the hugs!

Each hug, of course, is accompanied by an "awwwww." 
So sweet.

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