Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super de Duper Hodgepodge

Time for some Wednesday Hodgepodge. I enjoy participating, and sharing answers and comments with my blog friends. Thanks to Joyce for hosting. Be sure to click over and see what it's all about!

1. The NFL playoffs were held this past weekend and this year's Superbowl lineup will feature The New York Giants versus The New England Patriots. How do you define 'patriot'?
Well, in terms of football, most folks from Indiana would define 'patriot' in words that must not be used on this blog. Ahem. Yes, Colts fans have a rather intense dislike for our friends from the east. I, however, harbor no ill will toward the team or their quarterback. You have to agree that he's cute. I remember a story from early in his NFL career about a high school girl who knocked on his door and asked him to the prom. Now that's a brave girl. He said no, but I'll bet she's still telling the story.

Of course, Mr. Tom Brady could never take the place of this guy in my book.  
He's a Boiler, you know.

As for a real patriot, I think someone like Paul Revere fits the bill. He was brave, clever, artistic, a good horseman and a night owl. I have always loved Longfellow's poem, Paul Revere's Ride.

2. What's something in your life right now that feels like a 'giant'?
Planning the wedding of our only daughter in just... 94 more days! It is a fun giant, though, and friendly.

3. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to being 18?
I was excited to be graduating from high school, and looking forward to college. I had my little green Vega, my popcorn popper, my new luggage, and I was ready to meet new friends and experience life away from home. (An hour's drive.) Teehee.

4. Coconut-mashed potatoes-vanilla ice cream-mayonnaise...which white food would be the hardest to give up?
Vanilla ice cream, with mashed potatoes a close second.

5. Describe an incident or a day you remember as the coldest you've ever experienced?
It will come as no surprise, but the coldest days I've experienced occurred at football games. I remember a game at Purdue shortly after we were married when we played Penn State. It was snowing and very, very cold. They (PSU) had a good running back that year, I believe.....

It was also cold the day Purdue beat that school from Bloomington to earn a trip to the Rose Bowl. We were bundled up, but lovin' our Boilers!

Last year, we went to watch the Saints play the Bengals in Cincinnati on a cold, cold day. We had those packets that hunters use for our boots and our pockets. 
A few days before the game, Matthew had asked, "Granny, will it be warm in the Superdome?"
"Well, yes," I said, "but the game is in Cincinnati." No indoor stadium there!

It was worth it, though, when he was able to get an autograph from my his favorite player. :)

6. You're hosting a brunch...what's your favorite dish to prepare and serve?
My family (the boys anyway) will all choose biscuits and gravy, so that is what I usually make. I also have a great recipe for breakfast casserole from my sister-in-law, Carol.

7. How do you combat negative thinking?
I think Barney, on How I Met Your Mother, said something similar to this. Barney wisdom. I like it.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
David has officially accepted a job in Dayton, and he and Shylah will moving sometime around the end of March. Yay for being a 2 hour drive away instead of a 9 (or 10 or 12) hour drive!! He will be a research chemist at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. They have enjoyed their time in North Carolina, and are excited about being closer to family, and for the new opportunities presented to them. They are now in the process of house hunting in the Dayton area. And even though they'll be living in Ohio, or should I say, O-H....I-O, I don't think we will ever call them Buckeyes. :)

 Jim and I will be in Dayton this weekend for a meeting, and plan to spend some time doing a little research about housing, neighborhoods, and the city for David and Shylah. It won't be all work though, as the meeting includes an evening at the the beautiful Schuster Performing Arts Center to see Jersey Boys. We have seen it once before, and it is such a fun show. I'll have to locate my CD so we can jam to listen to the music on the drive over. Makes you want to get up and dance. Here's a little clip to enjoy... I know we will!

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