Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Have a Party

We had a big weekend celebrating the birthdays of  grands Haleigh and Matthew. After lunch at El Reparo, we enjoyed dinner on Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings or B-dubs for short. I'm not sure it was Haleigh's choice, but she enjoyed it just the same.
She spent some time coloring.

And posed for a sweet picture with her daddy and mommy.

On Saturday, Matthew, Haleigh, and Ella spent the day at our house. There wasn't much time for taking pictures, but I got this one of Haleigh watching TV with a net on her head. Silly girl!
And yes, she was born to wear black and gold, even though Purdue was way a little off their game on Saturday. I hear it was due to travel fatigue. We'll go with that.

I decided to give Matthew one of his birthday gifts early, so he could enjoy it individually. He was excited surprised to see that Granny had purchased a 'bad guy.' Who knew? The name was Megatron. I thought he was a football player.

He built the truck first.

All done. The next time he is here, he will transform it to the robot.

On Sunday, we gathered for the 'official' party. Since their birthdays are just a couple weeks apart, it worked to have a joint party for Haleigh and Matthew. They were happy to share the day.
Darci made beautiful and tasty cupcakes and cookies for the celebration.

There were even magic wands for the 'Pinkalicious' part of the party.

Andrew was in charge of the main course.

Matthew and Grandpa before the party.

Haleigh snuggled up to sit beside Aunt Jenny Anne.

Matthew wanted in on the picture too!

Jenny and Haleigh.

Haleigh enjoyed her birthday pizza at her own little table.

After lunch, it was time for presents. Harper was ready to help Matthew with the opening. Harper and his sisters turn three years old today, so they were in the birthday mode as well.

Haleigh loved her new cookie set. Here she shares one with Grandpa.

Matthew reads his card from Aunt Betsy and Reston.

Arden watched the unwrapping.

Matthew models his new Purdue sweatshirt. Go Boilers!

Haleigh loved her talking Dora book.

Matthew was surprised to open the Guggenheim Museum Lego set from Nana and Boomie.

Haleigh got some cool shades from Aunt Betsy. She needed Betsy to show her how to wear them.

Lookin' good!

Hello dahlin'!

A new tricycle for the two year old girl. There she goes with her baby in the basket and a little help from Mommy.

Matthew got some new wheels as well. He wasn't able to try it outside because of the icy conditions. Come on spring!

Time for the candles. Eight candles for an eight year old boy. (I think one candle is hidden.)

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday dear Matthew!

Two candles for the two year old girl.

Look at the candles!

Happy Birthday to you...

yay Haleigh!

Now it's time to try that cupcake.

Mmmmmm.... so yummy.

The boys didn't really want wands.... so they got some basketball blowers. Although they tried hard, they weren't the kind that made noise. :)

Harper tries it just like Matthew.

Arden tries a little ice cream.

And Emerson enjoys her cupcake. And that's 1-2-3 three year olds!

Matthew got busy in the basement working on his new Legos.

Haleigh found a great spot to ride the new trike.

Bye-bye 1, hello 2!

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