Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Green with Hodgepodge

Time again for the Wednesday Hodgepodge. A bit of a green version today. Be sure to click over to visit Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.

1. St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated this coming Saturday...what's a favorite article of clothing you own that contains a touch o' the green?
Not a lot of green in my wardrobe. I do have a green cardigan that I might wear on Saturday. I also found these socks from some long-ago St. Patrick's Day, so I guess I should wear them!
I have a problem with saving things forever!

2. What's a favorite 'green space' in the town, state, or province where you live?
 Does the lakehouse count? Looking forward to another summer of lake fun.

3. Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or think you're just about right in the height department?
I guess I wish I was a little taller for my weight. Lol.

4. What's the surest way for someone to pick a fight with you?
Don't fix my internet when you say you're going to. Ha!

5. Broccoli-Spinach-String Beans-Peas...of the four, your favorite green veg? (Or the one you dislike the least if that first option's too hard. I just know there's some veggie haters out there.)
I'm not a veggie hater, but I would choose to eat other things before veggies. My favorite might be these baby peas in butter sauce. Anything is better with butter sauce.

6. March is National Women's History Month...besides friends, neighbors and the women you're related to, who's a woman in history you admire and why?
It might be an unusual choice, but I admire Amelia Earhart. She was brave, and determined, and willing to take risks. She had a vision of a world where flight would be commonplace and accessible to all. She sure was right about that!

She also had a brief association with Purdue University. While there, she spent time providing career counseling to young women, speaking at public events, and advising the engineering school on aeronautics.  Purdue helped finance the purchase of the airplane for her trip around the world.

My husband's aunt served her meals during her time at Purdue. There is also a residence hall named after her.

7. Keep Calm and ____________on.
You fill in the blank.
I know it doesn't exactly fill in the blank, but it's my favorite version of the saying. Go Boilers!

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
 It's that time of year again. Do you have your bracket filled out?
 And wouldn't it be fun to be in New Orleans for the big game?

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