Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Little Family Fun

Thursday was Matthew's Second Grade Family Fun Night. So... with Andrew and Darci gone, we loaded up and headed over to the elementary school for the program. I didn't take that many pictures, and the ones I took aren't very good, but, well, my hands were a little bit full. :)

Ella was ready to watch the singing.

Matthew was doing a little pre-game warmup with one of his buddies.

Haleigh was ready too.

In fact, Haleigh was so ready, that I think she would have been right up on the stage with the big kids if I had not scooped her onto my lap. And I didn't get many pictures of the actual program due to the fact that I had to keep her in a vice grip bear hug to encourage her to stay put.

Matthew was front and center during the singing, surrounded by girls. I like the picture below because of the little guy in the blue shirt right in the middle. He seems especially pleased with the performance.

Matthew enjoyed his brownie, even though he didn't want me to take his picture. Of course.

Haleigh had a snickerdoodle.

Nana came along, and held Ella during the refreshments.

After the songs, the group moved to the first gym for a bowling demonstration. They had fun knocking down pins, and taking turns setting them up for one another.

 Haleigh liked it when the pins fell down. She kept a tight hold on her cookie while she watched.

Ella liked it as well.

The group moved to the second gym for the bumper car activity. The students hold the 'steering wheel' and walk on the lines of the gym until they meet another student. They 'bump' (gently) and turn away in the opposite direction.

They start with a small group, and gradually add more students until it starts to look like rush hour traffic. They had fun, and we had fun watching.

Haleigh is just waiting for the day when it will be her turn. Soon, Haleigh, very soon.

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