Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for these precious, sweet, silly girls,
and the time we have shared with them this week.

Thankful for Cheerios spilled on the couch.

Thankful for sharing with little sister.

Thankful for happy mornings.

Thankful for milk.

Thankful for silly poses.

Thankful for sweet chubby cheeks.

Thankful for her bunny.

Thankful for fun with toys.

Thankful for naps.

Very thankful that baby did not fall down the air duct! 
Oh no! That was close!

Thankful that Ella can turn on the TV all by herself. 
The remote is really her favorite toy, 
and she's very good at crawling with it in her hand.
So thankful, so blessed.

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