Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stew to the Zoo

We went to the zoo today to celebrate spring break and 85 degrees on March 20 in Indiana! Wow. Crazy kind of beautiful weather we are having here.

Haleigh took a little nap on the way, so she would be ready to go when we got there.

Matthew, Haleigh, and Ella all ready for a big day at the zoo.

We started out in the Waters building, and had fun at the shark touch exhibit.

We stopped to check out the sea lions.

And Haleigh took a good look at the penguins.

The polar bear was thinking it was still hibernation season.

Darci and the kids all ready for the dolphin show. Haleigh kept saying, "jump!"

A little snack after the show.

Matthew stopped to take a look at the map.

He showed us where we were, and where we were headed next. He loves maps.

The hyacinths smelled sooooo good, and were in full bloom.

These guys greeted us out in the Plains area.

Fabulous sunglasses, dah-ling!

We liked how this giraffe had to spread his legs out to get to the grass.

This one was heading for the hay bag that was hanging in the tree.

Matthew and the giraffes.

We tried to make it look like Matthew was holding the stork.

The cheetahs weren't doing any racing today,

but we took Matthew's picture with Tony Stewart in the winner's circle anyway.

It was fun to see the baby elephant Kalina, with her mom Kubwa. So cute.

We took a break to enjoy the lunch we packed.

Haleigh loves to use her fork.

Ella was hungry too.

After lunch we went back in and visited the Forest exhibit. The tiger was taking a little walk.

And it was cool to see him so close... and thankfully, behind the glass.

The trees and flowers were beautiful.

I'm not sure why I should care about bats, and I still don't want them in my lake house, but we did go in to see the bat exhibit.

I sure don't want to meet a bat as big as Matthew. Not. At. All.

I didn't even really want to take this picture of them all huddled in the corner. Eww.

We got out of the bat house and moved on to see the cute furry bear playing in the water. Cute little teddy bear. Way cuter than the bats.

Moving right along, and headed for the Desert exhibit.

Matthew stopped to take a look at the flamingos and the turtles sunning themselves on a log.

In the Desert, we enjoyed the Grand Cayman iguana, since we are familiar with the famous iguanas living in the parking lot at Villas of the Galleon. I guess if we couldn't be on the beach this week, this was the next best thing. Well, maybe not exactly.

He was hiding behind a rock, and we didn't think he was going to come out, but lo and behold he came walking right toward us.

We think he might be King Tut's cousin.

Ella finally decided she needed a tiny little nap. Not sure this looks very comfortable though.

We made another quick stop at the shark touch tank. Matthew knows the rule about touching with two fingers only.

I think he was explaining it to Haleigh. Or sharing some other interesting shark facts.

The polar bear made one quick pass in the water before going back up to his rock. I didn't get his picture, but these two were hoping he would take another dip.

Haleigh finished the trip to the zoo in the same way she started it, with a little snooze on the way home.

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