Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Too Cute Tuesday

Tuesday morning, and we're all ready for MOPS. I'm the mentor for the group this year, but I usually only have to get myself there! I managed just fine, and we were there on time, fed, dressed, and happy. I guess it does come back to you! These sweet girls are a blessing.

Haleigh decided she needed a little pepper in her bowl while I was taking care of Ella.

She kept saying, "nose, nose." I guess she likes things spicy!

Shayne was here with Aunt Janet this afternoon. Haleigh showed her the magnifying glass.

They were taking a close look at each other.

They shared a hug when it was time for Shayne to go home. Sweet girls.

Matthew came on the bus after school.

He had a quick hug with Gumbo,

and then got busy practicing his spelling words. His words are a little trickier than the words I remember from second grade. Behavior, cooperate, obedient, companion, reprimand, and confident were just a few of them. One of Jonathan's fond memories of grade school is having spelling words that all rhymed. I guess Matthew is past that.

Of course, Haleigh was anxious to do some 'spelling' of her own.

Ta dah!!

Happy Ella was following Gumbo to give him some love. He kept moving, and she kept following. Good thing he is such an easy going dog!

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