Tuesday, November 5, 2013

For Jennifer

Your dad always says you were born pink. Back then, we didn't have the opportunity to find out before you were born, but I was pretty sure you were a girl. Sure enough that I purchased a soft knit dress with a lace collar and pink bow.
As a baby, you were happiest being held, and made sure to get your share of the attention.
You were anxious to learn about the world,
and loved making new discoveries.
You had a competitive spirit, and always wanted to be the best. You also learned to be a good sport, and the importance of making friends along the way.
You were brave and confident, and you worked hard in the classroom, in the pool, and in the show ring. You valued your faith, your family, and your friendships.
You had a kind heart,
and an adventurous spirit.
You learned to give and receive love.
I'm proud of all you have learned. I'm proud of the woman you've become.
I'm blessed to be your mom.

And to see you become a mom.
Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Your mama loves you.

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