Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, David!

Thirty-one years ago, we became parents with the birth of our first baby, David John. He was born after a Thanksgiving day spent with family and friends (and a little too much sugar cream pie!).  :)

His daddy was so proud! We laugh about the fact that Jim asked my mom to make him a turkey sandwich before we left for the hospital.
We went home to our little blue house on the edge of the Purdue campus as a family of three.
Legend has it that the first time I left David at home with his daddy, he zipped him up in his snowsuit to keep him from crying. That's how I found him when I came home.
David and Daddy spent lots of time together.
I think he's teaching him to say, "Hail Purdue!"
Thank you, David, for being a blessing in our lives. You taught us how to be parents, and filled our hearts with love. You still do.
Happy Birthday, David!
I love you!

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