Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fallin' for a Geocache

Matthew had a very busy schedule during his fall break last month, and I was fortunate to spend a day with him before school started up again. We saw a movie (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 - cute), climbed up the cob pile, and had time for a couple of geocaches too.

It was a beautiful day, and warm enough in the afternoon that we didn't need our jackets. He always takes possession of my phone while we are in the car and directs me to a place to park. Then he's off, following the compass to discover the cache.
This one wasn't difficult, and didn't take long to find. According to the description, the hiding spot was chosen by a couple of young kids about Matthew's age.
He found the container, we signed the log, left a Little Miracle card,
and carefully replaced it for the next person.
The next spot was on a farm, and I'm glad I had Matthew directing me, since it wasn't at all where I had imagined. After winding our way through the barn lot, past the harvest-in-progress, and over the creek, we found the peaceful sanctuary called Tranquility. There is a little chapel and many Catholic signs and symbols. It has been built by the landowner, who graciously allows geocachers to come to the property to search.
The peaceful woods are inviting, and it is definitely a beautiful spot for rest and reflection.
We soon located the cache,
signed the log, and examined the contents of the container. When we were finished, we carefully put it back where we found it.
On our way out, we stopped for a photo under the archway.
And on the stone bridge over the creek.

Of course, all that exploring makes a guy hungry!!

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