Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Force is Strong With This One

Another nice day for football, another sad game for the Boilers. Our expectations were not high for this game, and we were correct in not getting our hopes up. In fact, it seems there was no hope at all. (Bad joke, I know.)

We did, as usual, have fun in the tailgate lot before and during the game.
The kids.
With the parents.
The new black helmets were pretty, but the play was pretty pathetic.
The stadium was dominated by red, and we took quite a beating on the field too.
Those pesky Buckeyes have a very fine team this year, and will no doubt be in contention for a national championship at season's end. We will not.
OSU brought their band, which is always excellent. Their show featured a movie theme, starting with a flying Superman, the 'golden snitch' dodging Harry Potter,
and a dinosaur from Jurassic Park gobbling a Hoosier. Sure to get applause from the crowd.

The Purdue band show featured a Star Wars theme, with 'Princess Alexa' trapped inside the big drum.

The heroes, 'Pete Skywalker' and friends, bellied up to the Cactus bar before setting out to destroy the forces of evil and save the princess.

Pete Skywalker battles and defeats the evil Darth Hoosier.
And the princess is saved!
Unfortunately, there was no saving the team from the evil forces of @OSU. :(
Shylah did spot these two in the crowd... Ronnie Johnson and Sterling Carter who will be representing the Boilers on the hardwood. Bring on basketball!!

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