Monday, November 4, 2013

For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

On Sunday, we celebrated the baptism of sweet Noah James at St. Luke's UMC in Indianapolis.
We arrived early, and Jim was able to make a stop at the coffee bar at the church.
Many of Noah's family members gathered to attend the service prior to the baptism. Noah got a little fussy during the service, so he watched on the video monitor in the nursing room after he had his morning snack. Or maybe he snoozed. :)
After the service, we moved to the chapel for the baptism. His mommy got him changed into his special baptism outfit.
He wore a dress worn by my dad, his great-grandfather, and all the babies in the family since then.
Just like the young prince in England. :)
His photo appeared on the big screen in the chapel during the special time of infant baptism.
Family and friends gathered to join in the celebration. That's Adam and Courtney, Darci, and Jon taking a picture of me taking a picture. Their friends Carl and Laura are in the back.
Nana and Boomie were sitting in front of Jennifer and Bryan's small group who came to share in the service.
Bryan's parents, Justin, Erin, Mike, and little Ella.
Pastors Jamalyn and Dave officiated for the baptism. It is such a blessing to have them as friends and pastors.

Noah added his voice to the service with a little fussing as they got started.

"... in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Jamalyn prays for just-baptized Noah,
and presents him to those who will help to guide him and teach him about God's great love for him and the gift of amazing grace.
Bryan, Jennifer, Noah, Jamalyn and Dave.
Noah with his parents and grandparents.
Noah with the Davis family,
with his great-grandparents,
and with the Stewart family.

This is a photo of Noah's mommy, Jennifer, on her baptism day with her mommy, Nana, and Mamaw. (My hair. I know.)
We tried to recreate the picture with Noah's mommy, Granny, and Nana.

We took another picture with Boomie, too, since the special dress belonged to him.
What a blessing to witness this special day for Noah and his parents, as we celebrate the grace that works in our lives before we are even aware of it.
We pray that this beginning will lead little Noah to a life of faith and trust in the loving God we serve.
God bless you, Noah. You are loved.

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