Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shop Away in the Vieux Carre

On Saturday morning, we woke up in NOLA while this was going on back at home:
The kids were busy raking leaves at the lake as a surprise for us. So awesome. It is always a tough job, and the report is that they hauled 11 loads to the compost pile. What a happy surprise for us!

I did feel a little bit guilty as I had a leisurely morning at the hotel before a trip to Cafe du Monde for beignets. Just a little. As my friend Susie commented, it may be wise for us to plan a trip every fall on leaf-raking day. :) Thanks, guys! You are awesome!

The beignets were wonderful, by the way, and just one of my favorite treats in New Orleans.
It rained off and on during the weekend, but not enough to spoil our fun. We spent some time walking around Jackson Square and the French Market, which is always interesting.
There was a special shopping event called 'Shop Away in the Vieux Carre' to celebrate the lighting of the Christmas tree, which would take place that evening.
 The French Market offers many unusual delicacies. Anyone care for gator on a stick?
 Crawfish tail meat?
 Deep fried frog legs?
Or maybe this, to hang on your wall? (No thank you, by the way.)
We have decided that New Orleans must be the best place in the world for people-watching. Just walking down the street behind this guy with a snake around his neck.
 No big deal. And if you look ahead to the guy in the gray shirt...
 he just handed it off and kept on walking. Of course.
 A colorful character poses with a pretty little girl.
 You might not think this is a transformer.
 Well it is. Sure is.
We made our way to Pirates' Alley,
 where Jim ordered a Green Fairy. (The drink, not the girl.)
 I enjoyed the art on the fence,
 and watched a pretty purple carriage.
As it got closer to dusk, we went back to Jackson Square to wait for the tree-lighting.
 Merry Who Dat Christmas!!
There are even more colorful characters in the Quarter after dark.
 We ended the evening at one of our favorite spots, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop.
We met some young Boilermakers, shared a few drinks, discovered some mutual friends and acquaintances, and impressed them with our my Drew Brees trivia knowledge. :) 
Oh, and beware of strong hurricanes in NOLA.
Tomorrow, I'll share a few photos from game day, but tonight I'm getting ready to cheer for my team on Thursday night football. Who Dat!

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