Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Jon the Birthday Boy

Today we celebrate my little nine pound seven ounce baby boy born 23 years ago. That's how I like to remember him, I like the baby Jonathan the best. :) He's grown to a little more than nine pounds, but he's still that lovable, fun-loving boy. Fun is his specialty.

We ate dinner at Chili's after Adam and Jon had enjoyed a quick nine holes on the course.

Nana brought him a card she found in Mamaw's things. A personalized pirate card. Vintage.

A gift for Jon, wrapped in a brown bag.

Very appropriate! Hopefully he'll share with his brothers.

Some chips and salsa...

and tasty beverages.

We even saved room for a family favorite, molten chocolate cake, to celebrate the special occasion. Anyone who has joined us for dinner at Chili's knows that when the dessert comes...

it's every man (or woman) for himself. Watch for flying spoons!

Seconds later, the molten chocolate is history. A good way to finish off a birthday!

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