Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rusco Cup

The Rusco Cup is a golf tournament started by my late Uncle Bill and named for his business, Rusco Chemical Company. The original participants were divided into two teams dubbed "Geezers" and "Flat-Bellies." Following the death of Uncle Bill, and a brief period of mourning, the tournament has been continued by our family in his memory.

The 2010 tournament was held on Saturday at Heartland Crossing in Camby, Indiana. The teams are no longer divided by the original names, and one team is made up of the four Stewart brothers. I asked them to take pictures for me, and I did get a couple they took right before tee off. Then it was down to business.

Matthew got to go along for the ride. It won't be long before he's playing on a team too.

Back at Ted and Cheryl's townhouse, Jennifer poses with "Evan." This cutout was made last fall to celebrate Senior Night for his soccer team. Now it stand proudly in the corner of the living room wearing his State Champion medal.

The girls spent the afternoon visiting while the guys were playing golf.

After the golf, Matthew enjoyed spending time with his big cousin Evan.

Haleigh was her usual happy self.

Matthew fit perfectly under the counter... with a mouth full of strawberries!

No-no Haleigh!

Matthew wanted his picture taken with Evan and "Evan."

Of course, there is a trophy for the tournament, and it was present at the celebration meal.

It was an extremely close match, and actually ended in a tie. According to Rusco Cup rules, the trophy will read, "Match Halved," and be retained by the previous year's winners. That means the JETS keep the trophy. JETS stands for Jim (Sturges), Evan, Ted, and (Jim) Stewart.

Jim grilled some juicy burgers...

and we had our favorite salad.

Is that a body in the corner?

Oh no, just Jim taking his afternoon nap before heading back to the 'burg. The Stewarts are all really good sleepers, you know.

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