Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heads Carolina

On Monday, we headed east to move David and Shylah to North Carolina. Her dad, Don, her brother Austin, and I went along to help. They loaded the U-Haul in Lafayette, then came to Greensburg to drop off one car, add a mattress and box spring to the load, and get me, of course. They came with a full load, and it was a bit tricky to add the bed.

The bed of the truck was loaded as well.

I thought the logo on the side of the trailer was appropriate for David.

Unloading to make room.

Adding the bed.

And packing everything back neatly in the trailer.

Austin shuts the door.

And we're on the road!

The Capitol building in Charleston, West Virginia.

Stopping to pay a toll.

The Smoky Mountains.

We arrived around midnight. The landlords have painted and put down new carpet, and both looked very nice.

We unloaded the bed of the truck (well, I took pictures), and decided to leave the trailer unloading for morning.

Austin and Shylah checked their messages.

And we spent some time relaxing in the empty living room.

David fixed up my luxury air bed for the night, and we all settled in for a good sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day!

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