Monday, June 21, 2010

Fishin' With Some New Friends

Matthew and I were fishing on our dock today, but we weren't having much luck actually catching any fish. We noticed our neighbors fishing, and heard them making a fuss over something they had just caught. We went to see, and it was a turtle! After carefully releasing him (he was a snapper!) they invited Matthew to fish with them. On his first cast, he caught one! And it was a pretty big one! I ran to get my camera to document the catch.

He and his new friend Landon kept on fishing, and before long Matthew had another one. Can you see it there on the end of his pole?

His third one was another big one, and he wrestled it down to the dock to remove the hook. It's catch and release, you know, no fish for supper!

There he is. Or was it the same one he caught the first time?

After fishing, Matthew invited his new friends to go for a paddle boat ride.

Anyone have any good fish tales to share?

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