Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Her Party

On Friday evening, a few friends gathered for the blessing and celebration of Jamalyn's birthday. Of course, we had to have cookies from Where the Cookie Crumbles. They are becoming a favorite family tradition.

Dave was busy grilling some juicy burgers. I think I recognize that beef.

And Margaret was busy greeting all the guests.

Jamalyn got a new camera for Mother's Day, and she was trying it out.

Margaret was doing a little cheesin' for the camera.

I couldn't resist these cute ones of Nathan.

Eating his supper.

Watching the kids.

Such a good boy!

Then he tried to make his escape from the back yard. Caught ya!

I tried to get one of Margaret and her best buddy Brittney.

Brittney's mom, Sarah, had the same idea. I'm sure her photos are much better than mine. You can check them out (along with lots more awesome pictures) on her blog. She was grand AND reserve champion at the Rush County Fair in the professional photo category. Maybe even with photos of some folks we know and love! (One was from Haleigh's newborn session, the other was of Jamalyn and Margaret.) Congratulations Sarah!

These three cuties were sitting on the wall at the back of the yard. Not sure we were all happy here.

Dave and Margaret had made Jamalyn TWO cakes for her birthday. (What a guy!) They lit the candles several times so that all the helpers could have a turn blowing on the cake, er, I mean blowing out the candles. :)

This is cutie pie Lily and her sweet mommy Chantel. Lily even got to practice her photography skills with Sarah's camera.

Next on the agenda was a cut-throat game of ladder golf. John Paul and Brad show some intensity in the competition.

Nathan offers some encouragement.

Jamalyn shows off her skills.

Followed by a victory dance. After all, the birthday girl always wins. It's her party.

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Sarah said...

Love it! I'll get my pix posted someday!;)