Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A House is a House

We woke up bright and early (well not really) to start unloading the trailer. David and Austin are ready to go.

Getting everything in the house.

It's looking like home! :)

I went out to get some breakfast and found this at the grocery. Andrew has developed a taste for sweet tea since he's a Kentuckian now. I bet he would love John Boy and Billy's Sweet Tea. It was gooooood!

Making progress.

I worked in the kitchen. Shylah may not be able to find anything, but I got it all put away. Here's the before picture.

And the after picture. Pretty good, don't you think?

Of course, David's first priority was setting up the TV. Unfortunately, the cable company can't come until next Wednesday. How will he survive?

After a good start, we decided it was time to do some shopping. We headed to the mall so Shy and David could utilize their gift cards at Penney's.

They are quick decision makers, and selected bedding for 2 bedrooms. There were lots of pillows to choose from, but the best part is they were all "buy one get one for 88 cents." Sweet.

We were in and out in 20 minutes, and headed to the U-Haul waaaay out there in the parking lot.

Next stop, the furniture store. They decided on this bedroom set. My favorite part was the two pictures above the bed, but they didn't buy those. :( They could have had "Who Dat Dreams" sleeping under those.

David and Shy with their new friend Ben, who helped with our purchases.

They decided on this sectional sofa, as well as a table and chairs.

Then it was time to load that trailer again.

I saw these cool rockers on the way out. One for David, and one for Jamalyn.

Will it all fit?
Shylah's getting weary, but still smiling.

All loaded, now it's time to decide where to eat!

Back at the house, we got everything unloaded and unpacked. It's starting to look like a home! David and Shylah worked on arranging the pillows.

Beautiful! Sweet dreams!

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