Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Makin' a Splash

With the sun shining and no rain in the forecast, it seemed like a great afternoon to spend some time at the pool. Matthew and Riley were happy to be together since they don't see each other often during the school year. Spending the time in the pool made the day even better!

With a little encouragement, they even posed for a couple pictures for me.

Demonstrating their cannonball form.

Hitching the floats together.

Riley takes a Dilly Bar break. Thanks to Aunt Fer for bringing the treats!

Riley is ready to slide.

Jennifer caught this picture. I think he was smiling for her!

Matthew takes a turn.

He'll have to work on his slide smile. He's looking just a bit worried to me. :)

Carter got to spend the afternoon working with Gramps. We were shocked (not) to see him covered in black sharpie marker when he came back. Check out the legs.

And the arms.

And the hands. A dip in the pool didn't really help. I think there will be scrubbing involved.

He did get a nice piggy back ride from Riley. They all had a great time.

Riley and Carter had to head out to get to Bible School this evening, so after a short break at our house, Matthew continued his pool time at Nana's. He had some fun with the noodles.

And he tried out the swim ring.

He enjoyed soaking up the last bit of sun in Nana's warm pool.

Here he was using all his charm to convince Adam to get in the pool with him.

Adam couldn't resist his favorite nephew, or deny his inner swim instructor, and he was soon in the water. He was looking fine in Matthew's spare goggles, and not wanting me to catch him looking at the camera. But I did.

He helped Matthew learn to float on his back.


One more smile, and it's time to head home.

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