Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jersey Boys

My parents took the whole family to see Jersey Boys on Sunday. It was our Christmas gift, and it was definitely worth the wait! Such a fun show!

It was at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis, and it is a beautiful, old, impressive building.

This was the warning in the lobby. Hopefully, none of my children were frightened or shocked. Matthew did not go to this one... too many bad words.

We thought Haleigh would look cute in this onesie, but we didn't buy one. She doesn't cry anyway.

After the show, we walked down Mass Ave to Bazbeaux Pizza. Delicious!

Of course, they had a Jersey Boys poster in the window.

David and Shylah will be heading for North Carolina on Monday.

Andrew and Darci.

Michael (I'm not smiling) and Jenny, just back from vacay in Palm Springs.

Adam is busy.
So is Evan.
Matthew and Haleigh joined us for lunch after the show. We had an extra ticket, so Nancy G. came to the show with us too. It was fun to see her.

Matthew and his daddy kept busy waiting for the pizza.


Cheryl and Dara smilin' at Haleigh.

Jonathan (I'm not smiling) and Jennifer left from the restaurant to head down south to church camp for the week. Pray for them!

We "walked like a man" back to the car to head out in our separate directions. It was just "too good to be true" to enjoy such a great show and a fun day with the family. Sad to say goodbye, but "big girls don't cry."

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