Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dancing Queen(s)

We are enjoying a great reunion in Brown County. After a leisurely morning at our rented house, we headed into Nashville to do a little shopping. We LOVED this beautiful wisteria growing on the side of the Nashville House restaurant.

And I noticed (of course) some fun fleur de lis garden ornaments.

We found some cute wine glasses to mark a 50th birthday, but didn't buy them.

Debbie and Jan pose with another "50" glass.

We even tried a selfie, and managed to get everyone in the picture.

I thought Jennifer would like these socks.

And I loved these cute little Nemo socks.

Deb made me pose with this dog. Whatever.

Jan and I smile for Debbie.

Debbie took some great pictures of lillies of the valley.
We stopped for lunch at Hob Nob Corner.

We had a yummy lunch. Jan tried a big breaded tenderloin. I had the pot roast sandwich. Very delicious.

Jan went back in to get our shopping passport stamped. I am sure we will win the prize.

Amy and Ann are here!

I asked some random guy to take our picture. He was carrying a camera similar to mine, so I thought he could do it. Look at those 50 year old women.

Amy brought birthday wine glasses for each of us.

Ann shows one off.

And Debbie shows off her cool shoes.

Debbie and Amy had a game of horseshoes.

Look at that form!

I think Amy threw a ringer.

Amy mans the grill. Juicy burgers!

After a great dinner of cheesy potatoes, blue cheese slaw, and burgers, we did a little more facebook stalking. We also enjoyed looking at photos and yearbooks and catching up. Mary flies in tomorrow, and the party continues.

Since I chose the "master bedroom" of our cabin, and I AM the oldest, I have been dubbed "queen." That explains the title of this post. AND we have been listening to 70's music. :)

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