Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hills O' Brown

Today we headed for the hills of Brown County to spend the weekend celebrating our 50th birthdays. It is so special to be able to share time with a group of high school friends to reminisce about the good old days. :) We rented a comfy log cabin called Bittersweet Farm and settled in for a fun weekend. Jan came from Pennsylvania last night, and we drove over this afternoon. Debbie came from Indy to join us this evening. Amy and Ann will arrive tomorrow afternoon, and Mary flies in from New York on Friday.

The cabin has a neat fireplace, and Jan lit a fire to warm us up.

We brought a few supplies.

We went into Nashville for dinner, and had a nice meal at the Artist's Colony Inn. I ordered a breaded tenderloin. Definitely not as good as Storie's.
After dinner we made a quick stop at the Nashville IGA.

We had to pick up a few essentials. Like ice cream.

Debbie wanted us to watch one of her favorite shows, but we had a struggle with the TV, and the TV won. We had just about given up on getting it to work at all, when a quick call to Jonathan saved the day. Such a nice boy to help out his old mama and her friends.

Jan and Debbie even had the chance to do a little Facebook stalking.

We are looking forward to a great weekend with great friends and great memories.

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Sarah said...

Happy birthday ladies. Hope you have a fun weekend. With all that could you not!!;)