Thursday, April 8, 2010

School Days

I recently drove by the new school in Arlington to see the progress. It will be so nice for the students and staff to move into their new "home" next fall.

It will be a big change from the 100 year old school they have been attending. I believe that learning can take place no matter what the building looks like, but after 100 years, I think it is time. Even so, I'm sure there are some who will be sad to see the old building close.

Today, the students at Arlington Elementary welcomed their grandparents for a program with a 50's theme. One of the grandparents had attended school at Arlington for all 12 years, and she shared some special memorabilia from her days as a student.

Each grade level had prepared songs and poems to perform for the crowd. The kindergarten did a great job on their part of the program.

Matthew was showing some expression during the song. He's a little more animated than his daddy was when he stood up for a performance!

After the program, the students found their grandparents in the crowd, and then had the opportunity to have refreshments, visit their classrooms, and shop at the book fair. Matthew was greeted by Grandpa...

Mamaw and Papaw...

and Nana.

The 50's decorations were very cute.

And look! Granny was there too. :)

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