Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Best Days are Ahead of Me

Saturday morning we awoke to the sound of Amy's banging door, and were treated to a delicious breakfast prepared by Deb. She made Paula Deen proud. We gathered on the porch, and headed into Nashville to do a little shopping.

Jan is ready.

Ann and Amy.


And Deb.

First stop was the toy store where we tried out some hula hoops.

Ann found it easiest with the hoop around her knees. Go Ann!

We had so much fun looking around, people watching, and enjoying being together. We found lots of interesting things in the shops. Ann tries on a hat. She's really not older than dirt.

This little boy was offered us some tea, and explained the benefits of the tea in great detail. When he spilled a bit on his hands, he said it is also a great moisturizer. It's like colored water, but better. He is ten, and he will either make it big time in the world or spend the rest of his life in Nashville, Indiana hawking tea to the ladies.

In Nashville, you might find yourself surrounded by beauty...
or you might be a redneck.

Ann liked these tennis shoes.

Mary and I preferred these black ones. We liked how they were stomping on the red ones. :)

We took lots of pictures.

Jan tried out an adirondack chair.

Mary demonstrated a back scratcher.

Amy entertained us on a hammered dulcimer.

Mary bought a new hat.

And Ann got a little hot chocolate with her whipped cream.

We asked another stranger to take our photo, and headed back to the cabin just as it started to rain.

Mary took a photo with her timer, and Amy and Ann posed while she got it set up.

Success! Amy says we don't look a day over 45. Haha.

Ann even tried a little punch!

Amy the grillmaster was at work again.
Here is the salmon ready for the grill...

and cooked to perfection.

Just as we were ready to eat, Amy called for us to come outside. It was the most incredible full double rainbow right over the house. It felt like it was just for us, and we were running all over the yard taking pictures.

The rainbow was just one of the blessings we shared this weekend. I thank God for good friends, yes old friends, and the opportunity to spend a few precious days together.

We blew out the candles on our cake, and played a rousing game of Taboo. The "already 50s" were able to pull out a victory over the "not quite 50s." We won't remember the score, but we will remember the laughter. Love you guys! :)


Sarah said...

What fun!!! Love the new song on your playlist!!

Anonymous said...

I just took a break from work and relived our fabulous weekend! I had such a good time with all of you and was so thankful to be included. Your friendship means the world to me and even though we don't see each other as often as I'd like, know that you are always in my thoughts and heart! Thank you Susan for wirting the blog - it's terrific. Love you all, Deb

Anonymous said...

I love being able to relive the weekend through your blog and all of the pictures. I makes it seem like it is still going on. The rainbow pictures are beautiful!! What a great statement it made about the wonderful weekend and precious memories that were made. Ann

Amy said...

Ditto, ditto. Susan you've done a fabulous job of capturing the weekend, the laughs, and the old and new memories. The rainbow was certainly a culmination of a special weekend with good, long-time friends. Love you all! XOXO Amy

Susan said...

Thanks guys! It was a great weekend. Already looking forward to next year. Thanks for the comments. I feel so loved. :)

Andrew said...

Mom - I think you win the award for the grayest hair. That's if all the others are still all natural. Anyway, just thought I'd point that out.


Susan said...

Andrew - of course I'm the winner! Thanks to you guys. :) And I wear it proudly. That's why I'm the queen. Thanks for the comment!