Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picture This

Jennifer and I are taking a photography class in Indy, so I thought I would post a few pictures from our first session. Our great teacher, Sarah, instructed us on how to get off the "auto" setting on our cameras, and then let us take a few shots to experiment. We learned some rules of composition, and she gave us a homework assignment for next week. Jennifer has already started her homework. I will try to post some of mine when I get started. I was never one to work too much ahead of time. :)

After class, Jennifer and I had some supper together, and then I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a couple of books. Right there in the parking lot, was Gertie the Duck! She has laid her eggs in the mulch in the parking lot. In case you might not remember Gertie, she was a famous duck in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and there was a children's book written about her. It was one of my favorites as a child, and I can still remember my dad reading, "Gertie the Duck liked people."

Gertie was quite worried about her eggs, and the clerk in the bookstore was making phone calls trying to get some help for the duck. Here, you can see how close the eggs are to the store entrance. I wonder if this duck will cause as much commotion as Gertie did in Milwaukee all those years ago.

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