Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Spy at the Horse Fair

There are so many things to see at the horse fair. Your senses are awakened by sights, sounds, and smells all around. I haven't figured out how to post sounds and smells (you might thank me for that), but here are a few of the sights.

A giant rocking horse in the Kids' Corral.

Just one of the Stallion Row exhibitors.

Michelle is riding Baron, a Friesian stallion.

They present quite a fancy performance, ending with a wave to the crowd.

Who is that announcing for the Parade of Stallions? It's J. D. Cannon of WFMS!

You can buy a saddle...
or a shirt.

You can even warm up around the campfire. This is at the Red Hats and Purple Chaps booth. They are like the Red Hat ladies on horseback.
This is a beautiful pot I bought. It is called raku pottery, which is described as "taking an 1800 degree pot out of the kiln and doing things to it." This one is made using horsehair. It was made by Martin Price, a former art teacher and potter from Randolph County.

There are carriages to see.

And friendly faces.

And we can't forget our dedicated and loyal Will Call volunteers. They work hard all weekend in that little booth distributing tickets and passes. That's Rocky and Abby in there. Janet is there too, but she's just out of the picture. Thankfully, they have a group of workers from Tree City Mavericks who take turns with this important (and sometimes challenging) job.

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