Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hitchin' a Ride

One of my favorite parts of the horse fair is the draft horse competition. I think the draft horses are just so cool, and it's quite an impressive show when they are all dressed up and ready to go. They stand patiently while they get their manes done, and their tails done, and everything cleaned and shiny.

They have each (huge) hoof polished. Kind of like a horsey pedicure. Those hooves are about the size of a dinner plate. Don't get stepped on by that guy!

Here, a little guy meets a big guy.

This is Danielle, the Executive Director of the Indiana Horse Council. She works hard all year on the details of the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo. Here she is ready to get the draft horse competition started.

They are just so cool.

This guy was smiling for the camera.

I caught this guy hopping.

This is a six horse hitch.

This is Express Clydesdales. He has 8! horses hitched to that wagon!

Here they are waiting patiently to enter the coluseum.

And they're off! It is amazing to see them come through the alleyway and make the turn into the coliseum with just inches to spare.

And here are Janet, Sara, Abby, and Rocky - 4-H leaders, Will Call workers, horse lovers, and friends, enjoying the early evening sunshine on Friday before heading home. See you tomorrow!

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