Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friends and Teachers

Mary arrived from New York on Friday morning, and we continued our fun. It is so great to spend time with old friends and be able to catch up, share memories, and make new ones. Mary made it a three way duel of the cameras. Here, Mary shoots while Jan hides behind her computer.

Amy shoots...

and I return fire.

Debbie watches. So cute.

We decided to have lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe, which is near our cabin in "upper Beanblossom." Jan climbs into the back of the Tahoe. Easier said than done.

It's a very cute place, and also has a garden with plants for sale. It was drizzling rain, so we did not get a chance to explore the garden area.

We had a delicious lunch, along with relaxing (maybe a teeny bit loud) conversation.

Back at the cabin, we shared some cookies made especially for the occasion.

One of the cookies may or may not have fallen on the floor.

We had dinner in Columbus at Tre Bicchieri. We were joined by two of our teachers from high school. We are blessed to have continued our friendships with one another and with Ruth and Patti. Thirty two years after graduation (really?) we can even call them by their first names. :)

We told stories of high school, and enjoyed some lively discussion. Of course we never get tired of hearing about the very best class to ever graduate from GCHS. Good thing they agree with us.

We even surprised Patti with a piece of birthday tiramisu.

Ruth displays her Panna Cotta. Delicious!

We shared a lot of laughs. I think we were there for three hours.

Our nice waiter took a picture of the group before we left. He was very sweet. His mom made the tiramisu. It was a great evening, and we enjoyed the company and the conversation.

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