Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dr. T Repairs a Knee

Mom/Nana/Jere' had surgery today to repair her broken kneecap. Dr. Tannenbaum did the surgery, even though David had suggested she use another doctor since, as David remembers, Dr. T "won't let you play soccer at all." I'm not thinking she is going to be playing soccer any time soon, but we know she wasn't slowed much by her mouth being wired shut, so this probably won't slow her down either.

The surgery was to be at 4 p.m., and by this time, she was thinking a Market Fresh sandwich from Arby's was sounding pretty good. Here she is before surgery.

They are testing a new warming gown to help keep patients more comfortable. The gown has a hose attached that reminded me of those old hair dryers we used when I was a little girl. The gown inflated with warm air, and she could adjust the heat to her liking. It was pretty neat. You can see the hose that fills up the gown with air.

Nana knows everyone in the hospital, and this is Cheryl, who used to work in Continuing Care when Mamaw and Pampaw were there. She and Nana had a chance to catch up.

Of course, Nana had made a special request to have Jae Lynne in the OR with her. Dr. T said she really doesn't go in the rooms any more since she's busy running the place, but Nana got her way, and Jae was there to make sure all went smoothly. Are we surprised about that?

This is the anesthesiologist. He told her putting patients to sleep is just like flying an airplane. He must time everything perfectly. Nana really liked him, and found out they were born in the same year. I guess she would be more comfortable with a 74 year old anesthesiologist than some young whipper snapper. :)

Here is Jae Lynn wheeling her off to surgery. Now that's special service.

I didn't get a picture of Dr. Tannenbaum, but he talked to us after the surgery, and said that everything went well. He used wire to put the kneecap back together instead of screws. She has certainly been "wired" as of late. Hope this is the last of it.

She was resting this evening, still feeling a little groggy from the anesthesia. I'm sure she will get some special attention from all her friends at DCMH. "The care you want, close by." :)

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