Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday Fun

It seems like every Friday we end up at El Reparo. This Friday it was for lunch with Jim, Boomie, Darci, and Matthew. Matthew had the day off for fall break, so after getting his shot at the doctor, he selected El Reparo for lunch. Big surprise. Here he is again enjoying his favorite part of the meal.

Darci and Matthew being silly.

Matthew's lunch: quesadilla and fries. With ketchup of course.

My lunch: yummy taco salad.

Matthew enjoyed the quesadilla.

After lunch we went to see Nana for a quick visit. She had a big trip to the beauty shop in the morning and was resting up when we got there. She may have a cast on her leg, but she does not want to miss her weekly appointment with Jackie!!

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