Wednesday, October 21, 2009

P is for Pumpkin

Matthew and I thought we would do some pumpkin carving today. After I picked him up from school, we stopped at Kroger in Rushville to buy some pumpkins. I put 3 in our cart, and Matthew noticed right away that the sign said "3 for $10." He decided that 2 of the pumpkins cost $3 each, and the big one was $4. We brought them home and chose one that would be best for carving. Here is Matthew, ready to begin.

First we had to cut the top off. Matthew is tugging to try to get it to come loose.

Here he is pulling it off. There were lots of seeds attached. He told me we should cook them with a little salt. He thought we would need vanilla to get the salt to stick. I think they tried it in their kindergarten class.

He is ready to try scooping out the insides with a spoon.

He decided his hand worked much better. It was a little gooey, though!

Here are the pumpkin innards. We threw them out by the creek. Maybe we'll find some pumpkins growing down there.

Now it is time to carve. I located 2 carving tools for kids. They were still in the package with a $.99 price tag from Hooks. I wonder how long I've had those??

Here he is with our finished creation.

You probably guessed that P is not just for pumpkin. We thought we could take it to our tailgate on Saturday. Hail Purdue!

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