Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Victory and A Birthday

We set out early to see the Boilers take on the Fighting Illini, hoping we could keep up the momentum from last week's victory over the Buckeyes. Alli rode up with us, and we were looking forward to a day with the whole gang.

We were happy to have David and Shylah back with us to help the tailgate set up run smoothly!

Here, the Boilermaker Special leads the team buses to the stadium.

Alli and Adam at the tailgate, trying to keep warm. :)

The whole family!

Jon was not feeling too well. That's why I cut off his hands in the picture.

Purdue managed to win the game through a cold drizzle. We headed out a couple minutes early, so I didn't get a shot of the final scoreboard or the W flag this time. It's a bit of a challenge to get out of the parking lot after a game, and Logan's was expecting 15 of us to celebrate Adam's birthday.

Matthew was glad to have his buddy Tyler with him at dinner. Tyler was happy later that evening as his Iowa Hawkeyes managed to pull out a victory over Michigan State. Go Hawks!

Tyler gave the big mouth burger his best shot.

Adam cheesin' it with his birthday cake.

Adam and Alli ready for cake.

David and Shylah.

Matthew was doing his best to chew up his steak tips.

Showing a bit in the process.

And giving us a sly grin. :/.

It was a fun day, even though I was losing my voice. By the end of the day, I couldn't really say much of anything. I'm sure the family was enjoying the opportunity to have me speechless for a bit! Jim was kind enough to do the children's sermon at church this morning, since I still can't talk, and didn't want to spread germs. Being sick isn't so bad when we can celebrate the Boilers, Adam's 19th, and a Saints' come from behind victory all at the same time!

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