Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Night Delights

Jim and I decided to TGIF at one of our favorite places, El Reparo. The restaurant first opened in Rushville while I was teaching at the elementary school there. I heard about the progress of the restaurant from one of the first graders, Piedad, whose family had moved to Rushville to start the restaurant. I also taught another family member, Aubrey, who was one of my favorites. I see her mom occasionally working at the restaurant.

We were glad when they decided to open a restaurant here in Greensburg, and it is very successful. It's busy all the time, friendly, well run, and a fun place to go.

Our favorite way to start the evening, chips and salsa! And the famous El Reparo Margaritas!

I often get the Burrito Reparo with chicken. Yum!

We talked to Jon while we were eating, and he was on his way home from Bloomington. He didn't make it in time to join us there, but asked for 3 beef soft tacos to go.

Jon has entered the world of blogging, so if you enjoy reading about sports, check it out at Leave him a comment (something like Boiler Up would be good). You can also listen to his radio show on Thursdays from 10am-11am streaming on

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