Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nursery Rhyme Olympics

Matthew's Kindergarten hosted the Nursery Rhyme Olympics in the gym at Arlington Elementary this evening. Mrs. Dougherty's kindergarten class entertained an appreciative audience with rhymes, songs, and relays based on classic nursery rhymes. Here is Matthew holding his sunflower, and below is the video of their sunflower song. You will want to stop the music on the blog before you play the videos.

After the sunflower segment, they were ready to share some songs and nursery rhymes.

This video is a little blurry, but I liked the expression during Hickory Dickory Dock.

And this video is of their favorite, 1-2-345 Once I Caught A Fish Alive. They are usually saying this one on Wednesdays when they come out in line for dismissal.

After the songs, they were ready for some action. Matthew was on Team Humpty Dumpty. They weren't the best team at the relays, but they had fun. Here is Matthew concentrating on keeping his ping pong ball on the spoon.

When the relays were finished, all the students were called by name to receive a medal, just like in the real Olympics.

The students welcomed parents and grandparents to their classroom after the program to enjoy some snacks made to go along with the nursery rhyme theme. Matthew enjoyed his spider cupcake with M & M's.

He had made special spider crackers with peanut butter middles and pretzel legs to share.

As usual, Matthew had a group of his fans there, and took a minute to pose with his daddy before everyone headed home.

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