Friday, October 16, 2009

Wild Things and Limes

I picked Matthew up from school today for a busy Friday! We filled up with gas, picked up a prescription for Nana, and delivered it to her. She is feeling some pain from the surgery, but perked up for Matthew's visit. Then we went to catch the early showing of the new movie "Where the Wild Things Are." It's based on a great book by Maurice Sendak, a favorite of kids for many years.

Matthew was all set with his tickets and popcorn. The movie was good, and the monsters were awesome. He especially liked the dirt clod fight, where Max chose the monsters to be either good guys or bad guys. Matthew knows Granny doesn't really allow bad guys, so this was quite entertaining for him.

After the movie, we picked up Grandpa for dinner at El Reparo, always Matthew's choice. We enjoyed chips and salsa, as well as the yummy goat cheese.

Grandpa ordered Matthew some extra limes of his own, and he got busy eating one of his favorite treats.

Here he is sporting a lime smile.

And snitching some salt from Granny's glass.

After dinner he decided on a fire ball, even though I told him it would set his mouth on fire. He worked hard to get it open....

and started to feel the burn....

needed a drink of water....

and finally deposited it in the trash. It was super hot!!!

Can you tell he has his sweatshirt on backwards??

A stop at Wal-Mart, then home to bed. Looking forward to a great day at the Purdue game tomorrow. Boiler Up!!!

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