Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drew Dat!!

Ok, I have to post about Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. I heard he sent a text message to Joey Elliot Friday night and told him to "shock the world" against OSU. I'm pretty sure that is the reason Purdue was able to win the game on Saturday. After all, wasn't it Drew who orchestrated the most exciting Purdue victory over Ohio State EVER!!??

So here is Drew, yes, in need of a haircut, but smiling because after today's game they are 5-0! He was on fire today (to quote Jamalyn) and led the team to a win over the previously unbeaten NY Giants... sorry Eli.

He can do it all. Here he is running the ball. He passes the ball well, too.

And pass he did. He was 23/30 for 369 yards and 4 touchdowns. Final score, Saints 48 Giants 27. Drew threw his 100th touchdown pass as a Saint. Can't wait to get a Tweet from him this week. :) Yes, I follow him on Twitter.

Jim and I are hoping that they play as well when we go to NOLA to see them play the Carolina Panthers. But for now, we'll celebrate a great weekend of football. Who Dat!!

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