Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now Her Bones Are Mending in a Plaster Cast

Nana got a cast on her leg on Monday. A beautiful bright pink one!! She still has staples in the incision, which they plan to remove next week. Dr. T said he would just cut a hole in the cast, take them out, and patch the cast back up. Amazing!

Matthew was the first (possibly only) one to sign her cast. He made sure everyone could see his name on there. I hope they don't cut his name when they take out the staples.

She has a nifty system to lift her leg. A friend suggested using two old neckties to lift and swing her leg in and out of bed, and up onto the couch or stool. It works pretty well, and we experimented to find the best way to tie them to her foot. We may need to find her some pink ties to match that neon cast!

Matthew helped her test it out. He thought it was pretty heavy!!

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