Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesdays With Matthew

Arlington Elementary Book Fair.

I love the Book Fair! One of my favorite parts of school! And even better to be Granny at the Book Fair. I got to school a little early, and stopped by Matthew's classroom. They were finishing their snack and getting ready to hear a story, so Mrs. D allowed Matthew to go with me to the library to visit the Book Fair. He had fun looking at all the books....

and choosing one to buy. Granny chose 4, Matthew chose 2. That's fair, don't you think?

Here he is with our sack of books. I told him to give me a big smile. :)
We had a great time in the library, and visited with Mrs. M, the librarian. He told her I was his Granny, and then filled her in on all his other grandparents, and their names.

On our way home we made a stop at Odum's Drive Thru Feed Store in Rushville to get Pee Wee some senior feed. Matthew likes to help us load and count the feed and shavings. He is checking to make sure they are stacked correctly.

After Matthew left, I headed to Zionsville to take Emma home. She came home with us after the game on Saturday to stay while Jennifer made another sheep run to Nebraska. I think Emma knew we were getting close to home, and was anxiously looking for Jennifer.

We left Emma at the house and Jennifer and I had a nice dinner together at Macaroni Grill. Love their bread with olive oil. Great to visit with Jennifer!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for not taking pictures of our food during dinner. And see...I can comment on here!