Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Driving Aunt Barbara

I had the opportunity to pick up Barbara from the airport today. She is visiting from Vermont, and will be in Indiana for about 10 days. The new Indianapolis International Airport is quite nice, and easy to find on the west side of the city. The interstate near the airport is several lanes wide, and makes for an easy approach.

I made my way to the cell phone lot to await a call from Barbara to let me know her status. The cell phone lot at IIA is quite small. The other cell phone lot I have used is in Tampa, and it is set up like a drive in movie with rows of cars facing a huge screen which posts flights and arrivals. That way, when you see that the flight for which you are waiting has arrived, you can head over to the terminal.

In Indy, it is just a 2 minute drive to the terminal sidewalk, so they prefer that you wait until your party is ready and waiting before you head over there. This sign is right next to several handicapped parking spaces, which led me to wonder, why does a cell phone lot need handicapped spaces when no one gets out of their car??

Barbara was indeed waiting for me when I got to the terminal, and we loaded up her bags and headed for the 'burg. We had a great visit on the way, and enjoyed the chance to catch up. I delivered her safely to Grandma and Grandpa's where she was warmly welcomed. They are probably headed to the WH by now.

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