Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesdays With Matthew

I thought about making a trip to the pumpkin patch, but it's cold and rainy today so I decided to save that for another time. Matthew told me about losing his first tooth last week. He said it hurt, but that he got 2 dollars from the tooth fairy. Sounds like the tooth fairy has invested wisely if she is able to give that kind of premium! He even got to keep his tooth!

Nana had sent some Halloween books for Matthew, and he enjoyed putting the stickers in the Maisy book. He was very careful to put the correct sticker on the correct color page.

After he finished the sticker book, we read Max and Mo Go Apple Picking. Max and Mo are two hamsters living in the art room at school. When the "big ones" go apple picking, Max and Mo escape from their cage and have all kinds of fun making apple prints and sampling applesauce. There are directions for making both prints and applesauce in the back of the book. We cut an apple to see the star inside, and used the apple cutter to cut another for Matthew's snack.

Picking up Matthew was the most exciting activity of the day, but another really exciting thing happened today. FedEx delivered TICKETS to the Saints game in New Orleans!! Who Dat!!! or should I say Drew Dat!!!

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